Author : Bert van Oortmarssen

Creation year : 1989 for Filodam, 1992 for Bunzo

Previous programs : Filodam

Following programs : -

Development language : C

Computer : PC

Operating system : Dos 5.0, then Windows 3.2

Level : Group II (2000 to 2200 points)

Comments :

You can have the old program Filodam at society Filosoft, in Groningen (Holland) ; price is 69 Florins.

Bunzo is a good program, very pleasant to use.

It shows in a large screen the position that it thinks to be reached, if the opponent plays as estimated, at the end of the analysis tree. That is very usefull to understand why it chooses its moves.

Its last tournaments show that it is now at a very good level (4th at fast games championship in 1996, and, more significative, 4th at 1997 championship, after Flits, Dios and Dam 2.1).

Price : This program is not distributed, and that is a pity, because it is one of the most beautiful.