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Author : François de Poortes, for TLC Edusoft

Creation year : 1999

Previous programs : -

Following programs : -

Development language : -

Computer : PC Pentium

Operating System : Windows 95

Level : Group VI for the first version, Group III pour the other ones

Comments :

The first diffused version of this game was absolute dud. It played always the pieces in the same order, whatever you played, ans whichever level you choosed. So, you could win without losing 1 man. More, he did not respect the rules, and accepted non maximum capture and could capture 2 men on the same line, on each side of the capturing piece, by a beautiful move there and back.

But the program has been improved by Quidam algorithms ; so it has now a correct level.

Price : 99 F or 149F, in function of the box you choose (but caution, it is not possible to know if a box contains the first version, or an improved one).

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