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Author : Chris Jurriens and Eric Van Riet Paap

Creation year : 1978 on Atari (1975 for the beginnings of the progam), 1995 for PC version, 1996 for PC Windows version.

Previous programs : Dios 87 (with Philips Holland Signaal and Erik van Riet Paap) to Dios 99

Following programs : Dios 00 to ...

Development language : 68000 assembler, then C.

Computer : Atari ST from 87 to 89, then PC in 1989.

Operating system : Windows on last versions

Level :: Group I (more than 2200 points)

Comments :

Dios has been for more than 10 years among the best programs. It won several times the more recent programs championships.

It plays very well, but uses a very wide endgame library. Chris makes his computer work nights and days to improve this library. More than all possible position with 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 pieces on the board, he has studied all the developments from a middle game that he choose because he thinks it is seen rather often, with 12 against 12. If you cross one of the branchs of the tree that starts from this position, you lose. So, Dios can see the end 20 or 30 moves before an human can see it.

Dios is a program developed for studying draughts, and is not diffused.

Price : PC Program not distributed. Price of Atari program unknown.

But you can get the Atari program version by asking the author :

C. Jurriens, Zengelhorst 21 7152 KC Eibergen, phone number 0545-471480.