International checkers



Author : Random Society

Creation year : 2000

Previous programs : -

Following programs : -

Development Language : ?

Computer : PC Pentium

Operating system : Windows 95 and +

Level : VI

Comments :

This program does not respect International rules.

That is not a complete surprise, because it is said that it plays « Polish » checkers.

But these Polish rules (which are generaly said to be the same than International ones) are very strange here.

Kings can capture anywhere on the line, but they stop just after the piece captured, and they only move step by step, and that is not logical at all (I don't know any game where kings can capture a man far away, but cannot move far away), and men cannot capture kings (like in Italian checkers).

So, avoid this program.

If you want to verify, go to Random Shareware page

Price : 20$