Jeu de dames 3D



Author : Bernhard Foltz (distributed by Micro Application in France, Data Becker in Germany)

Creation year : 1998

Previous programs : -

Following programs : -

Development language : ?

Computer : PC

Operating system : Windows 95 and +

Level : Group V (less than 1600 points and heavy bugs)

Comments : Program edited by the society Micro Application, at a nice price (less than 100F).

I tried it : it is very weak, and has very heavy bugs ; the computer kings can only capture on the same diagonal, and don't see the other pieces to capture ; sorry for your kings traps ! But the same rule is not good for you, your own kings capture classically. And other rules (like turkish capture) are unknown.

Elsewhere, you will not see clock, and if the standard 3D board and the pieces are beautiful, the other boards need a particular sense of esthetic (dogs, or little fishes as pieces ! or pink men on metallic board, beurk !).

But one thing is OK : the sound.

I think it is recommended for nobody until the bugs are fixed (it is scandalous to sell a program with such a bug), and reserved to little child when it will be fixed.

Price : about 100 F.