Saitek Electronic


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Author : Erik van Riet Paap

Creation year : 1987

Previous programs : This console was named Olympus at its beginning.

Following programs : -

Development language : machine code

Computer : Console

Operating system : -

Level : Group III (1800 to 2000)

Comments :

Saitek console has been during a very long time the best known draughts computer system.

It has still a good level, and it is improved from time to time with faster processors.

But, as it is a console, it can only be improved by changing the whole unit ; so, the only way to get a better version for the the player is to buy a new console, and change are less frequent than for a computer program.

Price : about 500 F for the classical version, but only 200 F for the pocket version (which is more recent, so better). Available in main shops.