TD King


Author : Ton Tillemans

Creation year : 1990

Previous programs : TT Dam

Following programs : -

Development language : C

Computer : PC

Operating system : MS DOS

Level : Group II (2000 to 2200)

Comments :

TD King (Ton Dam King) is a good program, which has always had some problem to manage the time (falls asleep several minutes on some moves, that made it lose against Quidam in 1997, and against Windames 3D in 1998 ; in 1999 against Buggy the problem was in database management, but the result was the same one). But, when it has not this problem, it has a very good level (draw against Dios in 1998, in spite of 15 mn spent on the same move).

Price : 65 Florins, at author (E-Mail : )