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Authors : Bobrovsky (and Agafonov)

Creation year : 1992

Previous programs : GM Agafonov

Following programs : -

Development language : C

Computer : PC

Operating system : Dos 5.0 and +

Level : Group IV (1600 to 1800 points)

Comments :

There are been several versions for this game. They were generally weak.

Vladimir Agafonov diffused himself, every time he went in Western Europe for tournaments, the first version that I knew (1992).

Another version was tried in France on “minitel” in 1995. The level of that game had to be lowered, not because it was too strong, but because it spent too much time in thinking.

There had been some negotiations with a French company in 1995, which led to some experimental diffusion (International, Italian and American checkers on the same floppy disk), but the level was really weaker than previous version. There had been no agreement with the French company, and the diffusion stopped.

Another version was presented in France in 1999 World championship. The result was disappointing.

This program is now used as a robot on VOG.

You can go on Agafonov Draughts Club home page.

Price : $20

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