Dynamo 6.7


Dynamo 8.0

Just a glance to 2.9 version : [Image]

Author : Adrian Millet

Creation year : 1992 for V2.9 (1995 for V8.0). Versions still go on, but I don't know what number is the last one.

Previous programs : -

Following programs (or better, same family) : Sofia (Spanish language version)

Development language : ?

Computer : PC

Operating system : Dos 5.0 and + for first versions, Windows for more recent ones.

Level : Group III (1800 to 2000 points)

Comments :

A good program, very much diffused in shareware (probably the most diffused in the world).

I think that versions 6.x are the most pleasant to use. Thinking time for computer is limited to 10 seconds for old versions, and 2 seconds after version 6.x.

Adrian Millet has made a lot of games in this series (Canadian, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian checkers, Russian shashki, American/British checkers, American pool, ...) and you receive some of them (in limited version) when you order a complete version of 10x10 draughts game.

But, when you buy a version, you will not receive the improved versions free. You will have to pay again.

You can go to PC Solutions site (Adrian Millet's site)

Price : about 100 F or 10£ for standard version, thinking limited to 1 mn/move, but more expensive (about 300 F or 30£) for complete version (unlimited thinking). Take care when you order, it is not very clear on ordering text.