(or jeu de dames version 3)



Author : Philippe Billault (distributed by the society SYBEX)

Creation year : 1998

Previous programs : -

Following programs : Super jeu de dames

Development language : C++

Computer : PC

Operating system : Windows 95 or +

Level : Group IV (1600 to 1800 points)

Comments : The picture on the box cover is very beautiful.

When you have installed the game, you are a little disappointed :

* playing in 3D is not possible on the first version (but it seems it is on the following ones)

* I did not find the beautiful 3D game which is on the box (but maybe I did not search enough),

* the level is rather bad (no more than 1550 on a Pentium ),

But there are some good things :

* management of points (I took the idea for Windames, but I did not succeeded as well as he did),

* beautiful 3D pictures, for pieces and for boards.

Go and see Philippe Billault's site

Price : about 100 F