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Author : Vincent Diepeven and Marcel Monteba

Creation year : 1996.

Previous programs : Diepratel (1995), Bonk (1996)

Following programs : -

Development language : C and 68000 assembler.

Computer : PC (MS-DOS, Windows and UNIX).

Operating system : Windows NT on the last version.

Level : Group I (more than 2200 points)

Comments :

This Napoléon is young (born in 1996), but it will probably tread on its homonym's footsteps.

It comes from Diepratel and Bonk..

Vincent is the programmer, specialist in algorithms (he made the excellent chess program Diep), Marcel is the draughts specialist.

This program, not diffused for now, is a very good one, always among the first ones in the final results of each tournament.

Go to Vincent Diepeven' site (mainly about his chess program Diep).

Price : Not distributed