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Author : Vincent Diepeven and Marcel Monteba

Creation year : 1995.

Previous programs : -

Following programs : Bonk (beginning of 1996) et Napoleon (end of 1996).

Development language : C and 68000 assembler.

Computer : PC MS-DOS

Operating system : MS DOS

Level : Group II (2000 to 2200 points)

Comments :

Diepratel has got good results at its first tournament (5th at fast game 1995 championship), and that is rare for a program. That meant that it would became a top program.

It is now true, with its follower, Napoleon, which is among the best programs in the world.

Vincent is the programmer, specialist in algorithms (he made the excellent chess program Diep), Marcel is the draughts specialist.

Go to Vincent Diepeven's site (mainly about his chess program).

Price : Not distributed