Dam 2.2



Dam 2.2


Dam 2.1

Author : Harm Jetten

Creation : from 1988 for Dam 1.0 to 1998 for Dam 2.2

Previous programs : Dam 1.0 to 2.1

Following programs : -

Development language : C

Computer : PC

Operating system : Windows 95 and +

Level : Group I (more than 2200 points)

Comment : Arrived quickly among the best programs, Dam 2.1 has been remarked in 1996 when it won against Truus, during Holland championship (it finished 2nd, just after Truus).

Its results have been disappointing from 1999, because of bugs, that Harm will probably fix soon.

Dam 2.1 used Windows 3.1. It was neither beautiful, neither easy to use.

Dam 2.2 uses Windows 95, and is more pleasant.

It has now all 6 pieces end games.

Harm goes on improving his program, and you can have the last version on Harm' site.

Go to Harm Jetten'site (where you can download Dam 2.2)

It is a Freeware (so it is free to download! You have just to pay if you want he sends you the databases on a CD). But send please a thank by mail to Harm.

Price : free