Truus, 1995 version


Truus, 1990 version

Author : Stef Keetman

Creation year : 1988

Previous programs : -

Following programs (or same family) : Lusoris, Isabel, Oxford Games

Development language : C++

Computer : Atari for first versions, then PC .

Operating system : Dos 5.0 and + , and now Windows (maybe an Unix version exists).

Level : Group I (more than 2200 points)

Comments :

1990 : Lusoris ("Frise" draughts), MS-DOS,

1992 : Isabel (Spanish checkers),

1992 : Truus Analysis (MS-DSOS).

1995 : Truus Analysis, new version (MS-DOS)

1999 : Truus Analysis (Windows 95)

It has been the best program in the world for several years (until 1996), it is still THE reference. The analysis version is very powerfull for analyzing a played or a typed or a loaded game (it can read text files, like does Windames 3D last version).

A little bug : when draughts have 2 capture ways, which start from the same square and get to the same square, the computer choose the way for you.

The last Truus version, which runs under Windows 95 has a huge database, with a lot of masters games. Klas Bor, who made Turbo Dambase, thinks that this database looks like Turbo Dambase database.

Price : 100 Florins for simple version, 225 Florins for analysis version.

L'Esprit bookshop, or KNDB office, or author :

Stef Keetman, Vletwaard 184, 1824 LH Alkmaar, Hollande. Phone number 072-5646439

You can order Lusoris, Isabel and Truus for Atari at Stef (50 Florins)