Authors : Stef Keetman and Ard Van Bergen

Creation year : 1990

Previous programs : This program is made from an old Truus version

Following programs : -

Development language : C++

Computer : PC 286 and +

Operating system : Dos 3 and +

Level : Group II (2000 to 2200 points)

Comments :

This program has been distributed in "Oxford" packs, where you could find, a chess program, a backgammon program, an Othello program, and an International draughts program.

Actually, this program is very similar to an old Truus version.

The level is, of course, good, but less than modern Truus

A amazing bug in opening library : when you have white side and you begin by 32-28, 18-23, 37-32, .. the program does not play the famous shot (Mazette in French)....

Price : No more distributed.