Author : Bert Tuyt

Creation : Dam11 began in 1975 ; in 1992 Damage was created for Amiga, in 1995 for PC MS DOS, in 1996 for PC Windows.

Previous programs : Dam11 (with Rob van Ommering)

Following programs : -

Development language : ECOL, then Fortran for Dam 11, then C and assembler.

Computer : Digital PDP 11/03 for the beginning (Dam 11), then Amiga, then PC

Operating system : Amiga system, then MSDOS, then Windows on last versions

Level : Group II (2000 to 2200 points)

Comments :

Damage is one of the older draughts programs (probably the oldest one) through the previous version, Dam11.

It is now among the best ones (he has been 2nd in 2000 fast game tournament).

You can download it as a freeware (free) on Bert Tuyt's site.

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Price : FREE !!!!