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Author : Frank Tailliez and Serge Leclercq

Creation year : 1986

Previous programs : Dame Combiner (Frank Tailliez alone), Dames Challenger (Serge Leclercq, with Alain Debernardi)

Following programs : Dames Laser (Serge Leclercq, with Roland Morla)

Development language : ?

Computer : Atari, then Archimède

Operating system : Atari system, then Risc Archimède

Level : Group III (1800 to 2000)

Comments :

This program has been seen in some tournaments :

- International programs tournament, Olympiades 1988 in London, where it has been disqualified at last round, when it was 2nd.

- Two France programs championships, in 1986 and 1987, that it won (but I don't know the other competitors).

- A few tournaments with human players, like Issy les Moulineaux 1990 tournament, where it finished among the best French players.

These result show that it was a good program, that ended in 1995, when Frank Tailliez and Serge Leclercq stopped working together.

Price : Not distributed