Dames Simulator



Author : Roland Morla

Creation year : 1985 then 1990

Previous programs : Amstra'Dames Dames Champion

Following programs : Grand Maître alone, Dames Laser (with Serge Leclercq)

Development language : ?

Computer : New version of Amstra'dames and Dames Champion on PC8086 in 1990

Operating system : Amstrad then MS DOS 3

Level : Weak (1600 to 1800 points)

Comments :

Old game, very unpleasant to use with modern computers (difficult to click on the good piece, because the cursor moves too fast), it was done to be used on PC 8086. So, it is very quick, and almost impossible to beat within 30 secondes (even the best programs, like Truus cannot win at that speed) ; but, when you set it faster, the level is less impressive.

It can be find in old shareware compilations.

I just mentioned it here as an historic program.

Price : ?