Author : Gijsbert.Wiesenekker, Klaas Bor

Creation year : 1991

Previous programs : -

Following programs : none (but another program is to be related to it : TurboDamBase, by Klaas Bor, that this program uses).

Development language : ?

Computer : Apple Mac Intosh at the beginning, then PC

Operating system : Apple system, then Windows

Level : Group II (2000 to 2200 points)

Comments :

GWD has been much improved in 1998.

The algorithms are very simple (just an optimization for pieces number and occupied squares), but very rapid and efficient ; and it is associated to a huge opening library, from TurboDamBase, which has been collected by Klaas Bor, one of the authors (several thousands of masters games). All that gives to the program a rather good level..

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Price : not distributed