Author : Saïd Koudache

Creation year : 1990

Previous programs : -

Following programs :Wdames, Dream

Development language : C

Computer : PC 286 and +

Operating system : Dos 3.0 and +

Level : Group IV (1600 to 1800 points)

Comments : Dames is an old software, which has been distributed as a shareware. You can sometimes find it on the web, or in old sharewares CD.

The screen is really awfull, but when it was done, that was not very important. That is very curious, is that he was only 70 kb large !

It has a poor level, but, in old time, Dames 2020 and it made good games.

Price : No more distributed (the Société GOTO has an exclusive contract for Saïd Koudache's programs made before 1993).