Dames 2020



[Image] : Download Dames 2020 or its source code

Author : Jean-Bernard Alemanni

Creation year : 1991

Previous programs : -

Following programs : Quidam, Windames 3D

Development language : Pascal

Computer : PC 8086 or +

Operating system : Dos 3.0 or +

Level : Group IV (1600 to 1800 points)

Comments : It is old, awfull, and weak (less than 1650 on a very good computer), but it is mine.

When it was done (1991), there were not a lot of draughts programs in France (I think there was none), and it has been very much distributed by French computers magazines (on floppy disks distributed with magazines).

I think that it now only good for collectors.

Price : Free (both program and source code). Both program and source code are downloadable on this site.