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You can download here several programs : International checkers and International give away, Brazilian, Canadian, American/British, Italian, Spanish, Sri Lankan, Pool checkers, Russian shashki and poddavki.

You can download a source code too (international game), and a system swiss programs, to make pairing.

Most of the programs are probably the best ones in their category :

Winbraz 3D in Brazilian checkers, Winpool 3D in pool checkers, Winruss 3D in Russian checkers, Windamas 3D in Spanish checkers, Wincan 3D in Canadian checkers, Winpodd 3D in poddavki, Winsri 3D in Sri Lankan checkers, Winlose 3D in International give away (these two last ones are alone in their category).

Not only they are the best programs, but also they have the same level as the best human players, with 2 exceptions :

- Wincan 3D and Winsri 3D are weaker than human champions, because these games are very complicated for a program (the large size of the board gives a lot of strategic possibilities, and a program is weak in strategy).

- Winpodd 3D and Winlose 3D are better than human champions, because these sorts of games are very easy for a program, easier than for an human.

Other programs are among the best ones in the world.

Windames 3D is one of the best for international checkers, and I hope that it will become the best soon.

Some ones are only very good programs, but not the best ones on the world (one can cannot be the best everywhere !).

Wincheck 3D (American checkers) and Windama 3D (Italian checkers) are better than most programs and than the majority of humans players. But some better programs exist, like Chinook, which has been written by game specialists, and I am not a specialist of the games where the kings cannot fly !

You can download these programs and use them FREE !!!! You will only pay if you want PRO versions (more 3D boards and undo moves possible) or ANALYSIS versions (all PRO options + analysis of the game you played or you loaded, and auto-learn system)



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Russian Poddavki

Russian Shashki


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