Windames 3D



Download Windames 3D :

Author : Jean-Bernard Alemanni ; pictures by Nicolas Guibert.

Creation year : 1997

Previous programs : Dames 2020, Quidam

Following programs :-

Development language : C++

Computer : PC

Operating system : Windows 95 ou +

Level : Group II (2000 to 2200)

Comments : The most beautiful, and the first one in 3D pictures.

It is so realistic, that, if you put your best friend's picture on the monitor, you will be under impression that you play against him, and that he is much better than before. And you can insult him when you lose, he will not flinch.

Windames 3D let you manage the opening moves, and create your own opening libraries.

You can create problems too.

It can analyze games that you played against it, or that you loaded or typed (with analysis version).

It can be set at the level of each opponent, and it is able to manage its opponents rating.

The new version allows auto-learning (analysis version), and can read text files..

You will find Nicolas Guibert's lessons, (Nicolas Guibert is the former France champion), and a lot of exercises and problems for you, whatever may be your level (more than 125 positions). You can search them entirely, or (easier) ask the computer to show you the fist moves.

Price : 300 F (about $50) for the new “analysis” version with auto-learning and text files reading, 120 F for new “pro” version (which can read text files), free for shareware version (which is similar, but does not allow you to undo moves, neither edit positions).