[Image] : Download Quidam

Author : Jean-Bernard Alemanni

Creation year : 1994

Previous programs : Dames 2020

Following programs : Windames 3D

Development language : C++

Computer : PC

Operating system : Dos 5.0 or + (works with Windows 3.2 if you load mouse before opening Windows)

Level : Group III (1800 to 2000 points)

Comments : It is Windames 3D brother.

It is almost as good as it (about 2000 points), but less beautiful.

It is distributed with about 15 exercises in shareware version, and more than 60 in full version. You can download the shareware version on this site.

Price : It was sold 150 F when it was recent ; now, I sell it 50 F, because i don't maintain it (Windames 3D replaced it).