International draughts programs sites

* Nicolas Guibert's home page The best home page. I mentioned it in programs sites, because there is a great part about programs, but there are a lot of other things. Don't miss it !!!! You will find all about International draughts, even Windames 3D and Quidam.

* Buggy site. Nicolas Guibert has made a 2nd site, consacred to his program : Buggy, the best 10x10 program in the world.

* Harm Jetten's site : you will find here Dam, which is one of the best international 10x10 programs. And it is FREE !!!!

* Bert Tuyt's home page : You can download the program which is probably now the best one : Damage. And it is FREE !!!

* A Millet's home page : there, you can download Dynamo.

* Michel Grimminck' site : A lot of things about programs and programming (nothing about Windames 3D ?).

* Joao Guimaraes's site, the best Brazilian site ; you will find informations about International game (10x10), but about Brazilian game and Russian game too (8x8)

* Frank Mesander's site :

* You can go on Agafonov Draughts Club home page.

* One of the last ones : Random Shareware

* You can see Serge Starsevi's home page, and download Plus 500 there.

Other international draughts sites :

* France cup site (Gilles Loiseau)

* Midi-Pyrénées site (Robert Croc)

* Nord-Picardie site (Jacky Bruiant)

* Nord-Picardie site 2 (Jürgen Bader)

* Open de Normandie site (Philippe Jeanneret)

* Rhône-Alpes site (Patrick Kopp)

* Wattrelos draughts club (Jean-François Surantyn)

* Carlos Ferrinho's site, the Brazilian site where you will find everything about the 2 sorts of international draughts, 10x10 and 8x8 (Carlos does not like we call them Brazilian).

* The best Dutch site (Dam Web Nederland)

* The best draughts links (Tonny Roeterdink)

* World Draughts Federation or Federation Mondiale de Jeu de Dames (FMJD) : it is the International site for all sorts of checkers or draughts.

* European Draughts Confederation has a good site for 10x10 game.

* In Italia, there are good home pages too.

* And in Israel, Vitaly Lavva has made a good site about International, Russian, pool and American Checkers.

* Alexander Kandarov, international grandmaster, has made a new site about international checkers and soon Brazilian checkers. You can have rare books about draughts there !

* Villem Lüüs 's siteis the first Estonian site. A lot of things, but not in English.

* Eric van Dusseldorp has a site about International draughts, Thai draughts, and many other draughts rules.

* In Russia, Viktors Adamoviks has made a good site, in russian, dutch, and english.

* Draughts in India : About 8x8 and 10x10



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